If you have managed to get to the interview and you have captivated your employers so that they offer you the position, you already have the information to know what you want to do. We bring you 4 keys to decide whether to accept it or not.

The day you receive the call of the recruiter who offers you a job is very exciting. You have been noticed and searched for your experience. And since you are actively managing your career, you always take the interview, even if you are happy in the work you have. Taking that first call or video call is always a good idea . The benefits are endless: you can practice the best work stories and receive immediate feedback about them. And now they have asked you to progress in the process and they have made you an offer.

This is where you need to stop and it's probably the hardest part. But it is very important to take some time to process the offer you have received. Despite the frequency with which you change jobs today, leaving a job to join a new company is a big step . You spend too much time at work with your colleagues, and not only do you earn money for what you do, but you also know the company in depth and you know your place.

However, companies tend to form different expectations of what they want in a Contingent Employment worker. For example, some companies look at their temporary employees for the same characteristics that a permanent employee should have. The temporary and permanent contract processes are very different, so each CV should be focused according to the work sought.

To help you consider the following keys:
If you want to take the job, it is important to know why. So, it's always a good idea to ask yourself a series of questions to know that you're doing it for the right reasons: what do I want to change? Do I want higher remuneration? Is the trip to work shorter? Do I want more opportunities for growth? Do I not feel challenged or appreciated in my current job? Am I not satisfied with my work?
When you know this, you can better evaluate the offer. The challenge is that if you do not want to make a change, why does this opportunity seem attractive to you? That's when you have to dig deeper and make sure that it's not just something new that you want to have .
Do not make the decision until you have a clear idea of who your new employer and manager will be. Have you faced them intrepidly? Remember how the interview has been . Was there anything that made you question your new supervisor? Do not make the mistake of not following your instincts with respect to your future supervisor or believing that this can change?
What are you better at? How can this company help you put those skills into practice? What makes you happy at work, will this job give you the possibility to develop these passions? Do you know what the company's culture is? How it lives? These questions will help you determine if you fit the company and if there is a place for you.
Talk to the most important people in your life about the opportunity and your current situation. These people know you very well but are also distanced from your daily routine at work. You are too close to reality to make the decision alone, you need a different perspective to help you make the decision .
If after all this, you decide it's worth it, then call the recruiter and take the job. If you're not sure talk to him about what it would take for him to take the offer without thinking twice. If you see that regardless of the offer you are not interested in the position, call it and reject it graciously. Clarify that the offer has honored you, but that is not the best decision for you at this time.
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