You are something else….And I genuinely don’t care how other people live their lives, because how people live don’t affect my life. But this mentality is kind of horrible though.

Love changes like you said, so is it ok for a woman, let’s say one of your moms friends just come in and take your father away from your mother. That is ok with you right? Because it is life right? But how do you tell your devastated mother that “All is fair in love and war, so move on” ?

And THC is correct, island men are notorious for having multi families and not none of them will know about each other. So your parents might be soul mates, but if your mom has the same mentality as you, I bet you will be surprised how much shit she is dealing with to keep her man, and equally surprised all of the things she hasn’t told you and never will tell you to keep that relationship going.

And how do you chase a man and then he catches you? That doesn’t really make sense. I look at things literally sometimes….

Tread carefully lady. But I think that just as long as you’re not a snake about it, and up front about your views and honest, what can other people do? Just not deal with you, that’s all. Hey ,do you.

As someone stated before, you are an attention whore though lol. You trying to write a book or something and need the pub?

What does me owning a daycare got to do with this? My father does have outside children when they were separated for a few years, and we all know them, and are a family, not a big deal. My mother didnt raise us to get caught up on the pettiness.

Loves DOES happen in mysterious ways, and NO doesn’t mean my man is gonna leave me like his did his woman, my parents are a testament to that, no matter what my mother is the wife!

With my primary partner, you really don’t need to conspire. I will gladly add you to the mix so we could all have twice the fun. And from what I understand about men, if you can easily take him from his spouse, girlfriend, or lover, then it will be just a matter of time before YOU become his “other woman”.

And although the whole conquer and destroy routine worked for your parents; remember that even your dad can have his secret little whore on the side. And if you’re from the Islands like you claim, he probably has an entire FAMILY on the side. That’s real talk!

(and she owns a Daycare)